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What is CBD ?

CBD Oils: Everything you need to know

Even tough, the CBD Oils may be a controversial topic, there is a growing awareness and popularity in regard to their use. The research of CBD benefits on our health is ongoing and, in some cases, it has been already proven that it may provide a safe natural treatment to many diseases or health issues. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about them.


What Research Says About CBD Oil How Cannabidiol Helps Body Mind Relax Calm


CBD Oils

As you may know, CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is the second most active ingredient of cannabis plants. CBD oils are oil products derived from one type of cannabis family – the Hemps. The Hemps contain a natural type of cannabinoid; therefore, the oils do not create the so-called ‘high’ effect or any other form of intoxication or psychoactive effect as they contain a small amount of THC - 0.3%. If you want to completely avoid THC, then the choice are so-called "pure" versions. Pure CBD oil is also available in our shop.


Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana

The Cannabis family includes many species such as Hemp or Marijuana. Despite coming from the same plant family, they both contain different substances as well as are used differently.


The Hemp

Both the Hemp and Industrial Hemp are grown for agricultural purposes such as seeds, textile, food, clothing, or oils. It has the ability to grow in most climates and can grow as high as 6 metres. They have a very low level of THC (O.3%) but a high level of CBD content.


The Marijuana

On the other hand, the Marijuana is grown for its flowering tops. Their grow has to be fully controlled to provide the best conditions which is warm and humidity. The plants are bred to have a high THC content which are contained in their flowers (about 15 to 20 %). In contrast, they contain a low level of CBD.


Real Difference From Hemp Marijuana . CBD Cannabidiol Helps in Natural Way


The Origin

The production and use of cannabinoids date back to 3000 years. The very first use of cannabinoids was acknowledged in 2737 BC in China, where they were consumed as a tea for medical purposes. Throughout the times, they have been recognised for their positive effects on our wellbeing. Despite this their use was still limited due to a lacking research. However, in 1980s scientist made a breaking discovery when people suffering from epilepsy were administrated daily doses of CBD oils which led to the decrease of frequency of seizures or stopped the symptoms completely. Nowadays, the plants are used for a variety of all sorts of products such as cosmetics, meal supplements or medication.


The Production

There are many ways of how to extract the oil from the plant which is later turned into a CBD oil. As already mention, the CBD oils are derived from cannabis plants. The most commonly used production procedure is a so-called CO2 extraction. The extraction system uses CO2 to press the hemp to gain the very best raw oil.


Are CBD Oils Legal?

In general, the answer is yes. CBD Oils are legal in most of the countries worldwide. CBD oils containing up to 0.3% of THC are approved by the European Union.


How does it work?

Our body is made of a system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS regulates all necessary functions such as pain, sleep, appetite or immune system response. The system contains cannabinoid receptors which are located all over in our body – and this is how the ‘magic’ happens. The cannabinoids have the ability to bind to our cannabinoid receptors which positively effects body functions and may lead to several benefits.


The Benefits of CBD Oils

These are the most common benefits.

Relax Calming Cannabidiol CBD Cannabinoids Helps Harmony Body Mind Drops CBDium Meditation Peaceful Present

  1. Relieve Pain

Hemp plants, those included in CBD oils, contain pain relieving substances. Studies have proven that such a binding reduces pain in our nervous system. CBD oils have been applied to treat pain related diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or epilepsy. (Visit following link to get the specifically formulated CBD oil to treat arthritis, back pain and joints pain)


  1. Reduce Anxiety or Depression

It is estimated that over 265 million people of all ages suffer from either anxiety or depression. Depression has been rated to be the first most common mental disorder worldwide while anxiety has been ranked as the sixth. Very often these diseases are treated by medications which obviously brings a risk of many side effects and, in some cases, can potentially become an addiction. Full spectrum CBD oils may be supplemented for medication for those interested in more natural way of treatment.


  1. Ease Cancer Related Symptoms

CBD oils may help to ease side effects of cancer treatment including vomiting, pain, or nausea. These side effects are the most commonly associated with a chemotherapy.


  1. Blood Pressure

It has been proven that CBD oils have many positive effects on our heart and circulatory system. This also includes our blood pressure. If our blood pressure is high, we are facing to suffer many life-threatening diseases such as stroke or heart attack. CBD oils may be able to help to reduce high blood pressure.


  1. Neurodegenerative diseases

The research also focuses on the potential benefit of CBD when treating neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or stroke. CBD oils may be helpful in a reduction of a gradual loss of brain cells and an overall worsening of our nervous system associated with these diseases. 


  1. Other benefits may include:


CBD cannabidiol Skin Acne Problems Stress Reduction Sleep Improvement Seizure Reduction Diabetes Prevention Relaxation Mood Booster Depression Treat PTSD Chronic Pain Cancer Growth Arrest Irritable Bowel Syndrome Glaucoma Sleep


Safety and Side Effects

Overall, CBD oils are considered to be safe and very well tolerated, however, as with any other supplements or medication, they may cause different reactions for some people. The most common side effects may include:

We do strongly advise you to always follow the instructions for use and never excessed the recommended daily intake.

If you take any medication, please do consult first with your doctor, if you are suitable to use CBD oils to assure your safety and prevent any side effects.


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